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 2015 Slideshows - Safe to Download

Homecoming Fall 2015 Slideshow - exe file

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Old Stafford High-Slideshow
-Empty Halls-
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Graduation Sideshow - 2015
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Senior Dinner Dance Slideshow - 32mb

Allie Casazza’s
REAL Senior Slideshow - 79mb

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Prom Slideshow - All - 51mb

After Prom Slideshow - SHS

Last Dance SHS - 25March2015
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Stafford High Homecoming
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Farewell Stafford High Video





Prom 2016 and After-Prom
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Voted Best High School
Voted Best Public School
2003 & 2004

 We are a great school,
With a great faculty and staff,
and Great Students!!!
We are the Stafford Indians!
We are proud to be
Stafford Indians!
We'll work hard to be the best!
Go Indians!!!!


VaTech Memorial-flowers

Virginia Tech Massacre Memorial
Calling All Angels



63 Stafford Indian Lane
Falmouth, VA 22405
Phone - 540 371-7200






Spring Spruce-Up?
Trees & Shrubs Trimmed
Yard Work - Mulch
“a perfectionist at work...“ 


Eco Tree & Land
Tree Removal & Landscaping
Insured - Guaranteed
Fair Prices - Thorough Cleanup
U.S. Marine Vet-Sgt -2nd Iraq War
-540 623-9560-
-Leave Message -Out working-






“Imagination is More Important than Knowledge”  - Albert Einstein 

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